The Case for Tennis


Why should parents choose tennis as a sport for their children

As a parent you have to make choices for your children’s futures. Here are the Top 15 reasons parents should invest their child’s time in choosing to learn to play tennis compared to other sports & physical activities. Inner West Tennis Academy's believes tennis is a wonderful choice for your children’s long term wellbeing.

  1. Tennis is a sport for life! It is a sport for 5 – 80+ year olds. How many sports children, teenagers and young adults play that they will be capable, or even want to play through their entire adult lives into retirement? An investment in tennis repays for the rest of the child’s life. How many other sports do that for your children? Tennis provides physical exercise a mature adult can play, that is engaging, maintains muscle and bone density, helping prevent diseases like osteoporosis. 
  2. Tennis is a non-contact sport.
  3. Tennis is a game of intelligence, it is not only about how big, fast or strong you are compared to many other sports.
  4. Tennis improves both fine and gross motor control skills, including movement, balance and overall coordination. Tennis players tend to become good all round sports people because of this.
  5. Tennis improves patience, concentration & discipline, and rewards improvements in those areas accordingly.
  6. Tennis improves fitness better than most other sports. Tennis players are some of the fittest people in the world.
  7. Tennis improves the ability to make good decisions under pressure.
  8. Tennis teaches children to take responsibility for their own actions.
  9. Tennis teaches children independence & self-reliance.
  10. Tennis is a sport women & men can play with and against each other.
  11. Tennis is a sport parents, grandparents & children can play together for all of their lives.
  12. Tennis on the elite side, are some of the best paid professional sports people in the world. They are often also wonderful role models such as the amazing Federer. If you happen to be very good at tennis, the monetary rewards are substantial.
  13. Tennis can provide good part time work for older teenagers and young adults with flexible hours through coaching employment.
  14. Tennis offers great networking where you can meet other people from a diverse cross section of society, socially or for business.
  15. Tennis is great fun!

Inner West Tennis Academy appreciates that there is a large variety of activities all vying for your children’s time. Hopefully the reasons above give you food for thought as to why you may want to choose tennis for your children when investing their time and your money into your children's future.

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